Friday, August 05, 2011

The girl pains, heaven and nearly dying- all in one day

Today is one of those days. The ones, that men can't have and won't ever understand. So I am taking good and ekstra care of my self today while Palle (that is the name of my sweetheart) is at work. 

The cats, who really like days like these, weren't hard to persuade and we mischievously crawled back to bed after kissing goodbye at the door and slept till 11.30... hmmm I really am a bad bad girl. After that, I forced my self to get up and make some lunch.

Easier said than done, when feeling sorry for yourself I must say. It took several minutes of standing in front of the open refrigerator to realize that nothing in there appealed to me. Not that it isn't stocked with all the goodies you can imagine... It's just - you know, one of those days. Well I ended up with my universal solution. It works no matter what. It's my soul food. It's my painkiller. It's my make-ALL-go-away-food. Two slices of rugbrød (a danish speciality a dark ryebread) with as much Nutella (hazelnut/chocolate cream) as it can take between them.

You just cant get any closer to heaven. Eating the edges first and ending up with the soft and sweet middle...

First bite... And I get the freaking hickups! Resulting in me nearly choking to death on the most heavenly kind of food I know. While hanging akwardly over the back of a diningroom chair the word nemesis visits my brain several times. I survived as you probably guessed and I did get to enjoy my lunch which I topped off with a wonderful can of cherry cola which is not something we usually have here in denmark and that I have payed a small fortune for. (12,5 kr = $2,37) Funny how paying so much for a soda makes it taste like GOLD.

By the way... I have joined an online writing class. A different type than I have tried before and I'm very excited about it. Thats actually what made me decide to start blogging in english too.  If I'll get any readers that is ;) In a few minutes i'll be taking the rest of my cherry cola with me and find a nice spot to sit and read the class handouts while one or two cats are purrring beside me. Ain't life great.

Bye for now

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  1. Oh I share your desire for Rugbrød and Nutella even if”those days” is long gone.